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Guide to Half Marathon Training for Beginners


It is something exciting to accept the challenge of running a half marathon even if you haven't done so before.  It is quite intimidating for some people who do not really run on a regular basis.  But this event is easy to complete and anyone, even beginners, can easily finish it.  This can be done by people who cannot run far before training.  What is appealing in this sports is that anyone can participate and is the reason for its recent popularity.  However, joining this half marathon means that you need to do some basic training so that you can get your basic right and you need to select a suitable training schedule that is designed for beginners.


The half marathon schedules and plans found in the internet and in ruining magazines are mostly designed for those who are already running and are physically fit.  The are especially designed half marathons for those who are already runners.  If you are not really a runner then you might find it difficult to complete the full training program.  But training is important since every session that you complete including rest days will be repaid to your on race day.


You should be able to run or jog for around 20 minutes non stop without walking, if you were to join a half marathon event.  If you are not able to do that, then a standard schedule is appropriate. If you are not able to run for a certain period of time then you need a schedule designed for beginner. You can also check out this marathon phtotographs here!


The duration of most scheduled training is between 12 and 16 weeks.  In the beginners' training, your running distance will be gradually built up.  A combination of running and walking is how you most people will be able to manage during a race.  This is okay because all training will help you get ready for your race distance which is 13.1 miles.


During the start of the beginners' schedule there will be short runs that will gradually get longer and a lot of rest days.  When the second third of the training is on the way, the distances you cover will be longer.  If you can run faster in this part of training then the better for you.  Speed is one way of strengthening your legs which you will need during the race even if you are running slowly. Check out https://www.britannica.com/sports/marathon-race for mroe info about marathon.


In the final third, the length of the runs will decrease, and this is a tapering phase.  Reaching this stage, you are already at peak fitness so the key is to make sure your energy levels and strength on race day are maximized.


Finishing the whole half marathon utah training will equip you to be able to run the real half marathon race itself.  You don't expect to break any records but what you want to do is to finish the race and achieve your goals.